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The Address Hotel Downtown was my Dubai muse, like the Battersea Power Station my London muse. Granted, the two are starkly different. Yet both chisel into the way communities interact with buildings. They have withstood weary times. They still resonate authenticity, whether dwarfed by a Burj Khalifa or a Shard. Nearly two years in, I for one can’t wait for The Address to reopen.


I consciously walk passed The Address Hotel Downtown Dubai when I’m in the area. It’s like checking up on a friend in the recovery ward, brimming with more hopeful news each time. This time I look up the tower. Hundreds of images of the same unfamiliar logo stare back at me. It kills my buzz. Now I notice Alubond USA and other cladding creatures everywhere.


I had no idea what Alubond USA (or any other cladding brand) was until I noticed my Dubai muse, The Address Hotel Downtown, wearing it. Fire prevention sparks me, so I Googled to learn more. For the curious novices out there like me, here is a visual of my desktop visit notes.




























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